Thanks for being with us for 9 yrs and 10 months. It has been a great journey and we enjoyed a lot working with you. However, this journey has come to an end on 1st December 2015 and we are closed for business.

Thank you very much for your custom. We wish best of luck to our former employees and our clients.

Profitable Online Presence

Good website + Good Marketing Strategy = Profitable online presence.

It has been a long time since the web was invented and it has really changed the way people interact with each other. Internet has been used successfully from individuals to organisations to reach their goals.

Businesses have been the major beneficiaries of this phenomenon and capitalised on the growth of internet. Such is the power of internet that now analysts keep tab on the sales on the Boxing Day sales on internet and likewise users first look online before going into the store.

Looking at the current usage statistics, the web has grown from just sending emails and reading news to full blown e-commerce and social networking hub. This in turn has created a new breed of online salesmen which use the power of affiliate marketing to leverage the vastness and targeted audience on the web.

The websites are no longer just a bunch of pages but are more:

  • Dynamic & database driven
  • Demand more attention from its users
  • And are more user driven

This has brought a staggering need for Content Management Systems which can be used to manage sites with more than hundreds and thousands of pages without the need of an authoring software.

The secret is to use a good website combined with a measured strategy to increase the return on the investment.

You will be amazed to know that there is a whole generation of people who are able to earn a full time salary using the internet. It can be via BLOGS, creating Micro-sites and generating revenues using Adwords or using the power of social networking to drive traffic to niche websites. There is an entire industry which has spawned doing this and is earning a decent living.

Although rewarding, this is often not understood by new entrants in this field and a lot of money ends being spend before they reap any benefits.